About Membership

Membership in JSAM is open to all who are interested in Agricultural Machinery, Food, and Biological Engineering; there are no special qualifications are needed. By becoming a member of JSAM, you’ll gain the following advantages: a subscription to the society’s journal (except for Overseas Members); you become qualified to publish in the society’s journal and qualified to win JSAM awards and scholarships. Become a member by filling out an online application.

Advantages of overseas members

  1. Includes attendance at all JSAM events (annual meeting and technical symposiums and meetings: Agricultural machinery, IT-mechatronics, Food Engineering, and Biological resource research fields) with JSAM member priority.
  2. Access to Japanese company technologies provided through an oversea member’s only page in lieu of journals (URL:
  3. Younger members can apply for financial support (max. 150,000 JPY) to attend a JSAM annual meeting to present his/her research.
  4. Submission of research or technical papers to the international journal: EAEF (Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food) and JSAM’s journal will receive JSAM member priority.

Membership Categories and Dues

The membership year is April 1 through March 31 for all members. No admission fee is charged.

Regular Member / 9,000 yen : Individual residing in Japan who has an interest in food science and technology and who agreed with the aims of the Society upon joining.

Student Member /4,000 yen : Individual residing in Japan with a student ID except working adult.

Overseas Member / 2,000 yen (The journals are not delivered): Individual residing abroad who is not a Japanese national. The printed journals are not delivered, but page of Japanese company technologies is accessible instead of the journals.

Subscribing Member / 12,000 yen : Entity or organization that aims to subscribe the journals.

Supporting Member / 50,000 yen, or more in increments of 50,000 yen : Entity or organization (including corporations) that has an interest in food science and technology and that agreed with the aims of the Society upon joining. The members are entitled to receive right of 2 Regular Members per 1 unit.

Membership Applicatio

Please fill out your information below and submit it. Our secretariat will reply to you later.

    ※ A notification E-mail will be sent automatically to the address after completing the application.If you do not receive a reply, please contact the following society secretariat.

    Payment (credit card)

    If you want to pay  Overseas Member fee / 2,000 yen  by a credit card, please pay on the following.

    Credit cared payment 

    Contact Information

    JSAM Secretariat 

    Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO
    1-40-2 Nisshin, Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama 331-8537, Japan
    E-mail: office[at]