About the Travel Awards on The ISMAB 2024

Dear all student members of JSAM,

The Society has been subsidizing travel and participation expenses for young researchers to present their research results at international conferences (academic conferences, symposiums, etc.). In FY2022, we established the Travel Award for “The XX CIGR World Congress 2022,” hosted by this society, and provided grants to young researchers.

This year, ISMAB (International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agriculture and Biosystems Engineers), which has been held only in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, will be hosted by this society in Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia. In response to this, the Board of Directors approved the establishment of “The ISMAB 2024 Travel Award” at its meeting held in June.

Please refer to “5. Documents to be submitted” below. In particular, please download the “Application Form” from “(1) Application Form” and use it as appropriate.

1.Aim of this award

The program’s purpose is to support young researchers and students in presenting their research at the international conference ISMAB 2024 (travel and participation expenses, etc.).

2. Eligibility for application

Regular and student members of the society who are under 38 years of age as of April 1, 2024.

3. Requirements

The grant is available for the presentation of research results related to agricultural and food engineering at the international conference ISMAB 2024, which will be held in Bali, Indonesia, in September 2024. However, if travel and participation expenses are paid or subsidized by other organizations, the grant will not cover such expenses.

4. Total amount of this grant and number of the acceptance

Amount of support: Up to 150,000 JPY per application. The number of support cases is about 5. Please specify the expenses for travel, participation, etc. for attending the conference in the “Application Form” described below.

5. Submission of documents

(1) Application form (Word file) (Attached file)

(2) Abstract already submitted to ISMAB 2024

6. Application Deadline:

Please submit the relevant documents as email attachments to the ISMAB Secretariat (see 10 below) by July 31, 2024.

Please include “ISMAB 2024 Travel Award” in the subject line of the e-mail. The body of the e-mail may be written in English.

Please note: Upon receipt of the submitted documents, the ISMAB Secretariat will send a confirmation e-mail to the applicant. If you do not receive an e-mail from the JSPS Secretariat after submitting your documents, please contact the JSPS Secretariat for confirmation.

7. Selection and notification of acceptance

The International Exchange Committee will select applicants, and the JSPS Secretariat will notify the applicant of the selection by August 20, 2024.

8. Report submission

Those who have received the grant under this program are requested to submit a copy of the “Report on Support for Young Researchers to Present at Overseas Conferences” (in the prescribed form, sent by the secretariat to those eligible) with the necessary documents to the JSPS secretariat within 30 days after the conference in which they participated.

9. Publication of your report in the journal of JSAMFE

The editorial board of the Journal of the Japan Society of Agricultural and Food Engineers (JSAM), the official journal of JSFAE, may request the recipients of the grant to submit an article for publication in the JSFAE journal. In such cases, we ask that you comply with the request.

10. Contact and Submission of the Application Documents

JSAM Secretariat

Tel. & Fax: 048-652-4119,E-mail:office[at]j-sam.org

Chair of International Exchange Committee