Vol. 86, No. 3 (Published on 1st, May. 2024)






 Y. KAIZU…109




Strategies for Research and Development of the Village Energy Management Systems (VEMS)

Editor:M. ISHII


 M. ISHII, R. TSUCHIYA, H. MORIYAMA, K. ENDO, T. KARASAKI, M. NAKAMURA, M. GOTO:Development and Technological Perspectives of the Village Energy Management System (VEMS) for Decarbonized Society in Japan…112


 O. NAKAJIMA, H. HIRANO, M. NONAKA, S. KITAMURA, K. MORI, T. GODA, K. OTANI:Development of Simulator for Village Energy Management System (VEMS)…118


 T. KARASAKI, T. ASHIDA, S. FUJII, M. WATANABE, M. ISHII, K. ENDO:Energy Demand in Rural Areas: A Typology-based Analysis of Agricultural, Mountainous, and Fishing Villages…124


 T. TAKEUCHI, T. FUJITANI, T. MAGAMI:Power Generation Potential of Agrivoltaic System…128


 T. MIKI, M. GOTO:Thermal Energy Supply Potential of Running Water in Irrigation Canals
  ─Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture, as a Case Study─…136


 M. WATANABE, M. NAKAMURA, T. KARASAKI, M. ISHII, K. ENDO:Supply and Demand Simulation of Renewable Energy Electricity for Rural Areas: A Case Study of Aoki Area in Nasushiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture…141




Y. HAMADA:Overview and Future of the ‘AgriBus Series’ GNSS Guidance Systems Utilizing Smart Devices…146


PAPERS (Article)




S. OHATA, S. ARIMA, Y. UEKA : Development of a Fruit Detection Model for a Tomato Harvesting Robot Using Deep Learning
  ─Evaluation of Effectiveness by Applying Background Removal Images─…163  abstracts


S. N. NJANE, A. ITOH, M. YOSHIDA, T. SHURI, S. TSUCHIYA, H. TSUJI : A Novel Tractor-mounted Multi-camera System for Precise High-throughput Phenotyping…172  abstracts