Vol. 85, No. 3 (Published on 1st, May. 2023)






 K. SAKAI…109




Informatization, Precision, and Smartification in Livestock

Editor:N. KONDO


 M. FUKUSHIMA:Informatization in Beef Cattle…112


 J. NISHIKAWA, T. KAWAIDE:Estimation Technique for Body Condition Scores of Daily Cattle Using 2D Images…118


 M. TOMITA:Remained Feed Amount Measurement Method for Tie Stall with Individual Feeding…123


 T. SUZUKI:Pre-hatching Sex Determination of Chicks by Optical Measurement of Chicken Eggs…129


 S. ICHIURA, T. MORI:Information Technology in Poultry Farming…133




T. IIZUMI:Global Pre-Harvest Forecasting of Crop Yields…137


PAPERS (Articles)




M. TANAKA, S. UMENO, Y. KIKUCHI, X. XIANG, K. NAMBA:Development of Direct Measurement Methods for Dynamic Assistive Force of Powered Exoskeleton…149  abstracts


Y. UEKA, T. YOKOGAWA, S. OHATA, S, ARIMA, M. MATSUI, K. NONAMI:Method for Detecting the Wind Winnowing Quality Subject to Changes in the Grain Flow Rate Using an Electric Wind Winnowing Unit…155  abstracts


Y. HIRAI, M. FUJII, S. INOUE, S. INAGAKI, T. NISHIZU, E. INOUE, T. OKAYASU, M. MITSUOKA:Volume Estimation Method of a Rough Rice Layer Using Helmholtz Resonance…162  abstracts


S. PHON, E. INOUE, M. MITSUOKA, T. OKAYASU, Y. HIRAI:Detection of Target Reference Points of a Hand Tractor Based on Transfer Path Analysis Technique…170  abstracts




S. YUKI, S. MORITA, Y. SHINOTO, H. UCHINO:Application Possibility of Boom Sprayer to Pest Control for Silking Stage of Corn Grain…180  abstracts