Vol. 84, No. 5 (Published on 1st, September. 2022)






K. IMOU 269




Initiatives to Promote Data Integration and Improvement of the Environment for Agricultural Machinery and Facilities



 S. SHIBUSAWA:Agricultural Data Management in Open Science…272


 T. NODA:Survey of the Preceding Practices in Foreign Countries and Different Industries…276


 K. HAYASHI, T. NODA, Y. USUI:Establishment of Standard Specifications for Data Communication APIs for Agricultural Machinery and Connection Verification of the APIs based on Standard Specifications…280


 J. AOKI:Template for API Terms of Use and API Connection Checklist…288




K. MINAGAWA, E. SEKI, T. KONYA:Interactive Farm Safety Education Tools that Lead to Specific Improvements to Ensure Safety at Farm Work Sites…290


PAPERS (Articles)




S. TSUBOTA, K. NAMBA, T. FUKATSU:Biosensing Method of Growth Diagnosis in Forcing Culture of Strawberry
  ─Study on Airflow Conditions required to Expose Growth Points─…321  abstracts


A. FUJIMOTO, T. SATOW, K. FUNABIKI:Development of a Boom Height Measurement Device with Position-Sensitive Detectors…332  abstracts




Y. KOBAYASHI, D. Q. THUYET, T. Q. A. PHAM, T. HAJI, T. KAWAIDE:Performance of a Working System Consisting of Garlic Trimmer and Sorter…339  abstracts


M. IIDA, Z. SUN, S. KONISHI, M. SUGURI, R. MASUDA:Positioning Accuracy by the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System in Mountainous Fields…347  abstracts


S. OKADA, EI SEKI, H. SHITO, M. MATSUMOTO:Development of a Device for Preventing Entanglement Accidents in Head-feeding Combine Harvesters (Part 1)
  ─Investigation of Discrimination Method and Prototype Components─…353  abstracts