Vol. 83, No. 6 Abstract


Study on Track-Roller Arrangements for Combine Harvesters to Suppress Vibrations on Paddy Fields

Haruna SAITO, Masami MATSUI

[Keywords: combine harvester, dynamic model, simulation, track-roller arrangement, vibration]


 Because combine harvesters ride over stubbles during harvesting, machine vibrations may be more excessive when moving on flat surfaces. The track-roller arrangement affects machine vibrations. In this study, cross-row harvesting simulations of different track-roller arrangements based on a dynamic model of a combine harvester with three degrees of freedom (vertical, pitch, and anteroposterior directions) was performed to suppress vibrations on paddy fields. Consequently, the track-roller arrangement for suppressing vibrations showed that the first and third track-rollers rode over core bars simultaneously when the second and fourth track-rollers rode over the center of core bars simultaneously. Moreover, the first, fourth, third, and second track-rollers rode over stubbles, one after another.

Estimation of Retinol Concentration in Whole Blood of Japanese Black Cattle by Excitation-Emission Matrix

Mizuki SHIBASAKI, Tetsuhito SUZUKI, Yoshito SAITO, Moriyuki FUKUSHIMA, Tateshi FUJIURA, Takahiko OHMAE, Norio NISHIKI, Naoshi KONDO

[Keywords: : Japanese Black cattle, retinol, vitamin A, excitation-emission matrix, whole blood]