Vol. 84, No. 6 Abstract


Freezing Characteristics of Tea Leaves with Different Water Content during Tea Manufacturing

Ryutaro YAMADA, Satoru INOKURA, Takuya ARAKI

[Keywords: freezing, tea manufacturing, water content, maximum ice crystallization zone, freezing point, freezing ratio]


 In this study, we investigated the freezing characteristics of tea leaves with different water content during tea manufacturing. The passing-through time in the maximum ice crystallization zone affects the quality of frozenfood. A relationbetween the passing-through time and watercontent was approximated using an exponential function. The molecular weightof the liquids, in an aqueous solution, in the tea leaves was calculated as 321.97 g/mol.We determined the solid-liquid phaseequilibrium curve and calculated the following:j=0.71 and c=1.14. The resulting data curve fit the rangeof a solution of high concentration.