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Membership (Online Application Form)

Membership of JSAM is open to all who are interested in Agricultural Machinery, Food and Biological Engineering; there are no special qualifications are needed. By becoming a member of JSAM, you’ll gain the following advantages: a subscription to the society’s journal; you become qualified to publish in the society’s journal and qualified to win JSAM awards and scholarships. Become a member by filling out an online application.

Please fill out the information below and submit it with payment.

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Membership (Categories and Dues)

The membership year is April 1 through March 31 for all members. No admission fee is charged.

Regular Member 9,000 yen
Student Member 4,000 yen
Subscribing Member 12,000 yen
Supporting Member 50,000 yen, or more in increments of 50,000 yen