Activities & Research Topics


In order to achieve its overarching mission, JSAM conducts the following activities:

  1. The Journal of JSAM is edited and published 6 times per year and many other publications, including handbooks are produced.
  2. JSAM organizes, supports, co-sponsors and hosts several meetings and symposia in its effort to provide opportunities to exchange ideas and information on agricultural machinery and related topics.
  3. JSAM supports young researchers through Acty 21 and other activities.

Research Topics

  • Bioenergy and Renewable Energy (RE)
  • Biological Engineering (BE)
  • Biomechatronics and Robotics (BR)
  • Food and Processing Engineering (FE)
  • Food Safety (FS)
  • Information and Electrical Technology (IE)
  • Power and Machinery (PM)
  • Precision Agriculture (PA)
  • Sensor Technology (ST)
  • Structure and Environmental Technology (ET)
  • Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Waste Management (WM)
  • Others

(Based on a sampling of Conference topics ISMAB2010, Fukuoka, Japan)